About Us

The Volunteer Review is the most energized and up-to-date conservative news and opinion paper on the campus of the University of Tennessee and surrounding areas. It aims to provide a forum for stories that are not normally covered by other media outlets available on campus.

It is not concerned with pushing any particular political agenda or party, but rather, it focuses on providing the news students, faculty, and the public deserve to hear and affects them the most. The Volunteer Review is 100% independently student owned and operated, which gives us freedoms and abilities that other publications in Knoxville simply do not.

The paper owners and editorial board are from all levels of collegiate experience and vast arrays of talent and education spanning from political science, journalism, and law majors to finance and design. Our combined efforts towards a similar goal of bringing objective reporting and conservative ideas to the campus at UTK is becoming a reality with the printed edition of the paper as well.

The overarching goal of the paper is to bring truth and the conservative ideals that founded this country to every nook and cranny at UTK. Too many students feel as if they have no place to turn when it comes to a news source that they can trust to be objective and at the same time represent their core principles of truth, democracy, limited government, and a common decency Americans have lifted up for centuries as a road map to live by.

For more information, you can contact us here.