Should Americans Support President Trump?

Welcome to this week’s issue chat! This week we will debate the #notmypresident crowd and whether all Americans should support President Trump when he takes office Friday.

America is the land of choice. Citizens possess the right to choose Democrat or Republican when they go to the polls. That choice affects the amount of taxes levied by government, the amount of social programs enacted, and the level of rights afforded to citizens. Since Donald Trump became the president-elect, a portion of the population has steadfastly refused to give him support because of his campaign rhetoric. These people refuse to come together and unite behind Trump because they say he will never be their president due to some of the divisive statements Trump made. We debate whether this is an acceptable action in our democracy or the antics of sore losers.

Why We Should

By Shamus Fisk

America made the decision to elect Donald Trump to be the new leader of the free world for the next four years, as shocking as that is to many on the left. With this decision, there has been considerable discourse and upheaval. Many want to deny President Trump as their own and have resorted to saying the election was not legitimate. They blame the supposed rigged DNC elections, supposed Russian hackings, and even criticize third party candidates like Gary Johson. Hillary Clinton is ironically gaining the full wrath of the ‘not my president’ group due to her involvement in these claims.

The ‘not my president’ crowd  pointed the finger at everyone else without realizing one fatal flaw. The people chose Trump. The other half of the country has an opposing view from you, and they won.

Comparatively, when Obama took office eight years ago, we, as a nation, united. There were, same as every election, people who felt we had made the wrong decision. However, eight years later, we still see President Obama as a legitimate leader of the free world.

The Answer

The People must once again realize that we must help and aid our soon to be President for the betterment of our nation. This flexes our strength to the rest of the world. We as a People with different views, different religions, and different purpose can and will unite as one.

I ask you to remember our countries saying: “E Pluribus Unum”.  Translation: “Out of many is one”. I ask of you, the reader, to realize that I believe that you should keep your opinion as that is your right as an individual. However, to deny Donald Trump from his elected position only hurts the nation that you say you are trying to protect.

I urge you as a citizen to allow, and if willing, to offer your support to our new leader for the betterment of the whole. As a People, we shall choose if President Trump truly is fit or not for his position. If he proves a failure, we shall remove him in four years. He will not be your king, or your dictator, and the end result will be the expulsion of his elected position. It is unfair to deny Mr. Trump the time and ability to make the promises he has made. I ask you to help improve your country instead of throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t get your way.

Why We Shouldn’t

By Tayler Houston

Allow me to begin by stating I am not a member of the “not my president” crowd, so this opinion may not be as strong as others you read. However, I did not vote for Donald Trump nor will I in any future election. I am a registered Republican, but I could not vote for Trump with a clear conscience. For this reason, I wholeheartedly understand where the other side comes from with their denial of Trump.

First, the “not my president” saying itself remains stupid. Mr. Trump obviously will be the president of all American citizens starting Friday. The Constitution offers no opt out clause for those that dislike the President. However, this certainly does not mean we must accept Trump as a leader and live with all his decisions. The “not my president” crowd needs to channel their anger and become extremely involved and productive citizens.

The Answer

Angry citizens make the best citizens. If you hate Trump, call your Congressman every single day for the next four years. Write letters. Sign petitions. Debate your friends and colleagues on the pros and cons of his decisions. If you do these things effectively enough, Trump will lose in 2020. This is how democracy works. If citizens do not like something, they protest and work within the framework of government to change it. Do not whine to your friends about Trump being sexist or racist and then do nothing to enact change, If you want change, make it happen! By standing idly on the sidelines and whining about Trump, you are giving tacit consent to his policies and opinions. The only way to truly not support Trump is to become involved and offer viable alternatives.

We cannot stand by the wayside and allow the leader of the free world to insult minorities, insinuate that all Muslims are terrorists, and make statements that portray women as nothing more than objects. It is not right! However, we must remember that Donald Trump is our President. This means treating him with the respect the office deserves. It is acceptable, and even crucial, that we continue to criticize his policies and horrible statements, but we must not be whiny, disrespectful, or petulant. Mr. Trump is our president, but he is certainly not exempt from our disapproval. The citizens must demand accountability and transparency from President Trump. He cannot be allowed to hide things from the media and disparage minorities. Complain and demand better from your president. Democracy is built on ideological conflict. Do not support someone simply because of the office he holds.

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  1. For once we have a competent President that is not tainted by the political of playing games and kissing rear ends. I have respect for President Trump for taking on a broken down government that has turned into what we have been brainwashed to believe is a gain for our Country but instead has allowed for our Country to be drained of all the beauty it has to offer. When we allow illegals to receive monies without ever putting money into the system then it is taking away from the Americans who have put their blood, sweat and tears into doing the right thing and supporting their government but will not receive the promises that were given eons ago for the true Americans.
    We have not received anyone worth voting for and therefore has forced good hard working people to settle for less the better between the two evils. President Trump is being crucified for doing what it takes to set this country back to place it should have been all along. Later politicians have forgotten their duty to protect Americans and have just handed it over to others instead of taking care of their own first. Why is their no help for the Americans? We give money to immigrants to come to this country, We hand over many privileges to immigrants for why? To take it back to their country and leave ours dry. Immigrants come to this country and get everything they want but true Americans are struggling for every morsel to hold on and the government has forgotten them.
    I see immigrants getting paid under the table. Buying things that a normal American can’t even afford. They file for programs sucking our economy away from stability and I am flabbergasted that our earlier politicians ignore in the name of money. Why not level the playing field. I know an elderly woman on a fixed income barely surviving and went to get food stamps since her income did not allow her enough (after working her whole lifetime) and was given two dollars a month. When did American become so cold and uncaring for those who built this country. How is a person to have respect for the past politicians who went along with the ride of tearing this country down? We hand over money and food stamps to many immigrants who drive porches, getting section 8, and receiving hundreds of dollars in food stamps but working under the table and not claiming any money. This is a broken way to run a country. We should be doing more to investigate where and how money is being used by immigrants and what kind of assets they have.
    Its a cruel world. I agree when I see so wrong doing and no one doing anything about it and they when a true man stands up to fight for the right all the wrong doers and marching against him. Where are the Americans who want to see the country better? Pray out new President will find the grace of God and hope that President Trump does not give up but continues the fight for the right and good of this country. Kudos to President Trump to go against a bunch of undeserving protesters. I work everyday to support my family and my country and I barely make it. It’s discouraging and I am in total support to allow President Trump do what needs to be done to make the true America again.
    Probably my opinion won’t matter but it is a start. I hate that President Trump is not getting a fair chance to do the right thing. We have allowed other Presidents to do things that were an abomination to the American Nation and condemn President Trump for doing what this country needs. Protesters want to keep the free ride the previous presidents have given them. I want a free ride and let President Trump do his job.