The CA Berkeley Riots: What You Need to Know

Berkeley Bites Back:

Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative speaker and provocateur, planned to speak at the University of California at Berkeley. The British conservative is frequently associated with the alt-right movement, although he’s stated on multiple occasions he is not alt-right. Milo’s speech was scheduled for February 1. The event was cancelled due to protests, rioting, and violence. There are multiple factors to take into account in this situation, all of which contribute to a complete understanding of the events both before and during the Berkeley Riots.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Berkeley Riots:

  • This is not the first time Milo’s been forced to cancel an event
    • Milo travels to various colleges across the country. His messages spark enough controversy, however, to get many of his scheduled events cancelled. Some of these colleges include, but are not limited to: UC Davis, Iowa State, North Dakota State, and Florida Atlantic University. Though active violence (like what we see in Berkeley) is not necessarily the cause of the various cancellations, threat of violence and various security issues lead to the cancellation of most of Milo’s events.


  • Not every protester was rioting
    • It is important to note the actions of a few violent individuals are not indicative of the entire group. This is the case with most (but certainly not all) instances. That being said, a large number of protesters were violent. Among this number were members of the Antifa, an ati-fascist organization. They typically respond to “facism” by burning American flags, hurting people in MAGA hats, and destroying Starbucks the world over.  It’s also likely protesters who are not part of Antifa were participating in the riots because there is no way to determine if rioters were in the Antifa.


  • Authorities and College Administrators did little to quell riots
    • Very little effort on behalf of both the local and college authorities was undertaken in stopping the riots. It is even rumored Mayor Jesse Arreguin ordered officers to stand down. Arreguin later accused Milo of being a “white nationalist.”


  • President Trump has threatened via Twitter to pull Berkeley’s Federal Funding
    • After news of the riots hit the air, Trump posted his thoughts on the situation via Twitter. This sparked a bit of controversy. Some argue 38,000 students shouldn’t suffer because of the actions of a few. Others believe Berkeley’s administration’s failure to act and defend the 1st amendment is enough to warrant punishment.

Putting It All Together:

It’s clear the rioters were in the wrong. They were protesting Free Speech, assaulting citizens without cause, and vandalizing private property. This has lead some to argue that Milo knows his presence sparks this kind of reaction, and he’s simply profiting off of the new wave of publicity. Of course, as we all know, Milo’s speeches are more than enough to “trigger” a grown adult. Their absurdly violent reactions are to be expected, they can’t control themselves! But, opinions aside, Milo continues to become a more prominent figure in the public eye. Every protest, every person injured, every Starbucks window broken, adds to Milo’s ever-growing fame. If history is any indicator, this certainly won’t be the last time a riot occurs when the Left doesn’t get its way.


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