Chay’s Corner

Ask yourself: “Why am I going to college?” If the answer is to get a great education and be successful, then follow my ten tips! I know a wise guy who taught me impossible is nothing, and nothing is impossible!

Start this semester with these ten tips because college is not about C’s Get Degrees! It’s about improving yourself to be the best at what you do.

My Advice for an A+ semester!


  1. Get Organized!
  2. Meet with your professors!- Believe it or not, even the smartest kids go!
  3. Actually read your daily or weekly readings!
  4. DO NOT CRAM! – Cramming only hurts you because you will only remember the last thing!
  5. Make a study buddy!
  6. Take extra good notes on paper- Laptops distract you and everyone else!
  7. Exercise!
  8. Adjust your attitude-Stay positive and believe in yourself!
  9. Treat school like a job!
  10. Last but not least- Set goals for yourself! Goals keep you focused and driven!


We all get to college and want the “ultimate” college experience. Who doesn’t? But, we need to realize college is not something everyone gets to do. Once you receive your degree from the University of Tennessee, or any college for that matter, be proud, it is an accomplishment not many achieve! Have fun along the way, BUT don’t forget why you are here!


Trust me! I’m just a small town girl moving to the big city, living the dream!

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