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Happy Hump Day! Let’s talk about less scrolling……more living!

Not everything you do has to been seen or heard!

Every one of us gets on social media and catches up on the latest happenings. Whether it is drama from your hometown, or the biggest story right now…..TRUMP!

The Volunteer Review is a Conservative newspaper, so read up, and educate yourself on the latest news! Do not argue politics on social media till you educate yourself!

A lot of people post about their daily lives. I’m sorry, we do not care! You want less drama in your life, then take a BREAK and stop putting it out there! How do you think things get stirred up?

We all have bad habits! Social media is like a drug! You get hooked to it and cannot stop no matter how many times you say you are going to take a break!

There are SO many other things to do with your life and day besides looking on social media!

Take a BREAK!

  1. Turn off your notifications…. Like they say out of sight, out of mind!
  2. Do not get on social media first thing in the morning! Do you really want to start your day with other people’s drama?
  3. Workout! – I have some great workout tips!
  4. Read!- Reading only makes you smarter!
  5. Use your computer instead of your phone! Your laptop is more inconvenient!
  6. Start a journal!
  7. Talk on the phone to family or friends! I love to talk to my sisters!
  8. No phones in bed! This is when you can read! My favorite book is Live Original!
  9. Bake- I LOVE to bake! I have some great recipes I will share in the future!
  10. Focus on people- Talk to who you are with or go hangout with them!

I asked my fiancé why he does not use social media and he said:

“I couldn’t possibly care less what other people do and nobody needs to know what I do. None of those interactions serve any purpose!”

I could not agree more!

Everyone should go watch the film “Voyage” ( ) and see what taking a break from social media and disconnecting can do! My sister is in this movie and had this to say:

“The best part of being phone and social media free for a month is that after a few days you realize that it’s OK to let go…and make real friends and share real life experiences with each other. You tend to forget that when we comfort ourselves with our phones.”


Trust me! I’m just a small town girl moving to the big city, living the dream!

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