Chay’s Corner: Healthy Recipes

What’s up, guys? Thanks for reading Chay’s Corner! So, as we all know, HUMP day is my favorite! This week we will talk about more FOOD! Everyone loves food and some people love to cook…..I can’t cook, but  I do know how to find a great healthy recipe to go along with my weekly workouts.

Tiger loves to cook, so we constantly try out new recipes that are cost efficient for everyone from college kids to people on their first job!

Many people ask me what I eat while I am working out so much. So many people tell me pasta is so bad for you….well, it is actually all about calories. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Carbs, proteins, and fats do not matter if consumed in moderation and paired with a good, steady workout regimen. I love to snack! People always say do you know how bad that is for you!? Well 20lbs down after one year, I believe my routine is just fine!

Here are some of my favorite healthy meals.

Italian dressing Chicken– Super easy, quick, and never disappoints. Here’s our recipe!

Sheet Pan Herb Veggies – We use chicken or pork chops. We sometimes like to add extra veggies. Follow the link for instructions! Feel free to add or substitute with your favorite vegetables.

Mustard Glazed Sauté Pork Chop– This changes the game on pork chops! (We like to have Mac and Cheese with this!) Click here for the directions.

Spicy Baked ChickenHere is my go too! I love to have a baked potato with this chicken.

White Wine and Chili Flake Pasta– When someone asks me what my favorite meal is….. this is it!

Tofu Stir Fry–  If you are not big on meat here is my favorite tofu dish. The key to this dish is slicing the tofu thin so it crisps up into a meaty texture! Brown the tofu in a small skillet with two spoonfuls of sweet and sour sauce first. Then, sauté onions, zucchini, bell peppers, and carrots in a wok with soy sauce, black pepper, garlic powder, and cumin. Combine the tofu and veggies in the wok with cooked rice. Season with soy sauce and fry at the highest temperature for 2-3 minutes to combine the flavors and serve immediately!

Grilled Shrimp and Peaches Kebabs– OK guys, Tiger and I are HUGE peach lovers (I mean, we ARE moving to Georgia.) This is one of the BEST ways to grill shrimp.  Follow the link here for a taste of summer!

Chicken Stuffed Peppers– Tiger and I do not eat ground beef, so we do chicken with our stuffed peppers. Feel free to use whatever meat you like along with the pepper color of your choice. Here is the recipe we use!

Celeina’s Salad– Salad lovers……this is a game changing salad! You can buy all of these ingredients for around $10 and eat on it for the whole week! Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, chick peas, black olives, carrots, celery, jalapenos, pickles and top it off with extra virgin olive oil and pepper or balsamic vinaigrette. You can also add more veggies and top it off with fresh parmesan or feta!

Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas– This is a must try! It only takes 20 minutes! Not big on shrimp? No worries, change it to chicken, steak, or even tofu.

Finishing Touches

Pair all of these with the side of your choice. Tiger and I pair the majority of our dinners with veggies. We also like to have potatoes in many different ways. You will all find when you cook these meals more than once, you find what you like and do not like. Tiger adds his own cooking style to many of these dishes. If the recipes call for something not so healthy, we substitute. For example, vegtable oil we swap out with extra virgin olive oil. Do not be afraid to steer away from the recipe and make it your own!

Have a favorite dish and want to share? Comment below, we would love to try out a new dish!

Trust me! I’m just a small town girl moving to the big city, living the dream.

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