Chay’s Corner: Weekend Getaways!

Hey guys, as you may have noticed, this is a little late in the week! Sadly, real life got in the way. Actually, someone just hit the electric pole outside my apartment complex during the storms Wednesday!

I received a request to write about this topic, and I love listening to the readers! This one is for you Sarah and Nick!

So, we are going to talk about everyone’s favorite WEEKEND GETAWAYS! I based this on a college kid’s budget like myself. Tiger and I love to take small trips every so often to just explore and relax.  Everyone needs a getaway, so I came up with my top 10 places for a weekend Trip!

The Top 10


Head on over to Ashville for great food and site seeing. One of my favorite things to do in Ashville is Biltmore! They have so many great places to eat and a cool brewery tour. Downtown Ashville Art district is always a great site to see. Ashville also has many festivals coming up this Spring and summer as well…Be sure to check out!


The heart of Tennessee has many things to do, from nightlife to shopping to museums to many other sites to see. I love the TV show Nashville, so I love to go see all the locations in the show. During the day, you can site see many historic locales throughout Nashville. You can even hit up the Zoo. Opry Mills is also one of my favorite destinations when I am in Nashville. At night, Broadway is the place to be! You can bar hop and listen to all the country music you want! Two of my favorite bars are ACME and Paradise Park (to locals theses might not be the top bars but they are a whole lot of fun!). So grab some boots and head to Nashville!


As most of you are aware of by now, Tiger and I are moving to Atlanta in the fall. We take many weekend getaways to venture out and see the city. Atlanta has many great places to eat and places to visit. My all time favorite thing to do in Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium! I love all aquariums, but this one beats the rest! You can also check the schedule for any home games happening for the Hawks, Falcons, Atlanta FC, or even the Braves! Downtown you can hit up The World of Coca-Cola and CNN Center. Atlanta has so many things to offer for a weekend getaway on a budget!


This city is perfect for a girls weekend or a couples getaway. Charleston is the place to be! Angel Oak is one of my favorite things to see while I am in Charleston along with the good food and shops! Fort Sumter is something to check out while you are here if you are into history! They have so many great things to see and so it makes for the PERFECT weekend trip. The waterfront and multicolored houses are unique from anywhere else I have traveled!


I never really go to Chattanooga to be a tourist and just see the city. We always are just driving through, so I had to ask for some help on this one! Locals know and love this city, so I took the time to ask locals what are the best things to do in Chattanooga for a weekend. Turns out they have alot of great places to stop in for food like Taco Mamacita, Maple Street Biscuit Company, Urban Stack, 1885 Grill, and lastly Aretha Frankenstein (This one made everyone’s list!). They also have the Chattanooga Aquarium, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, and the HUGE IMAX theater! Chattanooga has so many things to offer for a weekend trip. Look Out Mountain, Ruby Falls, Rock City just show the tip of the iceberg! My favorite sport to watch is baseball. Chattanooga hosts the Lookouts in an awesome minor league park by the river downtown!

Smokey Mountains

More into hiking and being outdoorsy? Don’t worry, the Smokies are the place for you! I know many of you have been to the Smokey’s, but it is a great place for a getaway. The Smokey Mountains are home to too many great hiking trails to count, beautiful scenic overlooks and winding rivers. You can camp with your friends, see some of America’s best nature, and have a great weekend all within an hour of Knoxville!


Ok, some of you might be big on gambling and others not so much. That’s why we have a list of ten places for everyone! Cherokee is an easy weekend getaway. You can go for one night and feel like you have been there forever if you are at the casino. Tiger and I traveled to Cherokee for a weekend getaway with my parents after graduation last year. We had a blast doing everything from gambling to shopping at all the local stores along the way. You can also spend an evening at the casinos in Cherokee then head back through the Smokey Mountains to finish off your trip.


Not big into driving or on a tight budget, but still need a getaway? Have a staycation! Here is my list of top ten things to do in Knoxville. You can have loads of fun right here at home!

Pigeon forge

This is one of my favorite weekend getaways! Like Tiger says “I have never been to a place like Pigeon Forge before. There is nothing else like it!” There are so many things to do here. You can go to the Island for lunch or dinner, shopping, and fun activities all in one place. You can stop in at one of the many shows they have down the main strip! One of my favorite things to do is the go carts and putt-putt at any of the many places to have fun at. If you are big on shopping, they have plenty of it (HINT: The OUTLETS!). I could list multiple places for you to see, but I’ll leave it short and simple. Trust me, you’ll be back for more than one weekend here! Oh one more thing, I love to be a big kid and stay at the Wilderness.


From Ghost Tours to Beer Bike Tours, Savannah has something for everyone. I’ve always heard save the best for last. Personally, I believe this is the best weekend getaway! Savannah has so many great shops and restaurants. If you are big on food and drinks, this is the place for you. You can go have dinner at Church Hills, or B and D Burgers, or one of the other many restaurants Savannah has to offer. Once you are done with dinner, check out the bike tour to pedal around Savannah and have a drink. Oh! I forgot to mention Tybee Island. Savannah really does have it all.

If you have guys have favorite places that I have not listed please comment below! I am always up for a weekend getaway so I would love to see where you all take yours. Also, if you guys take any trips to theses destinations, please let me know how you liked it!

Thanks for reading!

Trust me! I’m just a small town girl moving to the big city, living the dream!

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