The FBI’s Investigating Connections Between Trump and Russia. Here’s What You Should Know.

A Presidential Investigation:

On Monday, FBI Director Comey announced the FBI would open an investigation into President Trump’s connections with Russia. This is a big deal, regardless of your political leanings. The last time Comey launched an investigation into a highly regarded public figure, it changed the course of the presidential election. So, let’s get caught up. Here’s everything you should know about the investigation and why it’s been called.

Analyzing and Dissecting:

  • No hard evidence has surfaced linking the Trump Campaign to Russia- It’s important to know that not a single piece of hard evidence has been released regarding this case. There is no public document that reveals anything illegal about Trump’s relationship with the Russians. Everything up to this point has been purely circumstantial.
  • Trump refuses to hold Putin accountable- Vladimir Putin has a long history of sponsoring war criminals such as Assad in Syria. His political opponents have a nasty habit of ending up dead, in jail, or in exile, such as Russian entrepreneur Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Still, President Trump is reluctant to condemn his actions. While this certainly isn’t evidence that Russia “hacked” the election, it does raise questions.
  • Comey has a habit of launching investigations that turn up nothing- Last October, FBI Director Comey announced the FBI would be opening up an investigation into then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. After a few weeks, Comey came up empty-handed. Therefore, it would be prudent to remember that a Comey investigation is definitely not the same thing as an indictment.
  • No one really knows where this “evidence” is coming from- CNN recently ran a headline. The headline read: “U.S. Officials: Info Suggests Trump Associates may have Coordinated with Russians.” Let’s dissect this headline. First thing to note: U.S. Officials. This title is meaningless. There are no names or positions. We have no way of knowing who these “U.S. Officials” are. Second: “Info Suggests.” What is this info? Can we, the public, see it? Well, no. Then how can we know what it’s suggesting? Moving on. Third: “Trump Associates may have Coordinated with Russians.” Okay, so what does this mean. People who know President Trump might have communicated with Russians? Based on info we can’t see coming from people we don’t know? Right.

Summing Up:

If Comey’s team is investigating the “evidence” that’s been brought to light due to anonymous U.S. Officials, then I don’t see an indictment coming up anytime soon. Furthermore, Comey’s tendancy to premptively strike at high-status public figures makes this slightly less of a shock then it might otherwise be. Still, it IS a big deal, to be certain. BUT, Comey’s bark has a long history of being worse than his bite. So, Trump fans, I wouldn’t worry yet. Based on what we’ve seen so far, there isn’t anything that will likely lead to impeachment.

Still, the investigation should serve as a warning to President Trump. Washington is out to get him, and he’s overplaying his hand. Tweeting about foreign policy and assumptions that Obama wiretapped him aren’t going to make him many allies in the capital. Either way, a massive Russian conspiracy coordinated by the Trump campaign is looking less and less likely. New evidence must arise if any decisive conclusions arrive out of this investigation.

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