Feminism in America

By: Sophia Fuller

Feminism seems to be the “trend” in today’s culture. Feminism today includes preaching tolerance, acceptance, and primarily focusing on the rights of women.  However, are they as tolerant as they claim? Now, it is a hasty generalization to put all feminist in the same category, but feminism has certainly started to decline over the last 20 years. A modern feminist is just not something I aspire to be a part of and here’s why.

Celebrity Involvement (doesn’t seem too good for the cause)

Celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna have all spoken up as feminists who, well for lack of a better word, “hate” President Trump.  These three women publicly spoke about how they believe President Trump holds an outright disrespectful attitude about and towards women. But, do they even have respect for themselves?

These three feminists believe that they are role models for the movement– I am not sure I would agree.  We all saw Miley become one of Hollywood’s stars gone wild.  Whether it was performing lewd sexual acts on stage, or telling fans to “suck her ——.” Well, I’ll let you fill in the blank. How can I as a woman look up to a star who conducts herself in such a manner that disrespects the female body and lives a seemingly classless lifestyle?

Vintage Feminism V. Modern Feminism

We can trace American feminism movements back to the 1850’s to the historic Seneca Falls Convention in New York.  This was America’s first wave of feminist movements. The goal was to advocate for women in the hopes of achieving equality between the two genders.  This was an era when women had no right to vote. Their sole purpose was to make the home.

The next wave of feminism primarily took place in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1972,  “The Equal Rights Amendment” was ratified. That’s right ladies and gents, women legally have the same rights as men.  This was a great achievement for the feminists of the 60’s and 70’s and was really brought on by feminists of the 20’s. Demonstrating civilly really worked well for these first and second wave feminists.

As we move forward in history towards the third and current wave of feminism, it seems to devolve.  Beginning in the early 1990’s, this wave initially sparked momentum when Clarence Thomas became a member of the Supreme Court and soon after was accused of sexual harassment.  In response, groups formed all over the country. The new internet made nationwide involvement increase and gave women all over the country access to participate in the new feminist age.

In the 90’s, the primary goal of feminists was to give women more political and social power as well as give women the freedom to artistically express themselves. It is true that women are a little underrepresented in government roles.  Pre-2010, I’d say we had some pretty bad ass women out there advocating for ALL women no matter who the woman was. Now, feminism is just more frightening than a demonstration of powerful and independent women.

The Tolerance Sermon (seemingly ignored by feminists themselves)

I have personally experienced the (sometimes) demeaning language of  radical feminists, even being a woman myself.  Today it seems if you are not openly pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, or more generically pro-liberal your opinions have no weight in today’s society.  Being openly pro-life, I have been called names such as a “Republican Nazi.” I was confused by this confrontation. However,  I simply laughed it off  because this woman clearly did not know what the term “Nazi” meant.

I am pro-life, but I am also pro-woman. I believe with my whole heart that life begins at conception. If that’s too hard to grasp, can we at least come to the consensus that anything with a heart beat is a person? News flash– that is just three weeks from conception. Also, if a pregnant woman is killed, the killer is charged with two counts of homicide. This is my opinion and my virtue by faith.  It seems to me that this is too conservative of an idea to be “tolerated” by the majority of feminists today. The tolerance and acceptance that is preached by many liberals and feminists alike are so often ignored by those same people. Somewhere along the line feminism lost its way and devolved into something very strange.

Final Points

To conclude, I would like to leave you with a few points. I may be a conservative, but I mostly do not care what other people do unless it is harming my life or another.  Let LGBT marry and the feminist burn their bras, but please do not attack me for my beliefs.  I respect all life, and I genuinely enjoy hearing the opinions of those that differ from mine. I am always open to informed and educated conversation.

After all, this is a country built from people of all cultures and backgrounds. At the end of the day, we are all Americans despite our differences. Please appreciate the freedom and equality this country provides. So many countries around the world allow women so few rights. American women are spoiled in comparison. Women may not be able to do everything men can, but we were created to do everything a man cannot do. Think about that. We are the lucky ones.

Editor’s Note

Once again, I want to reiterate that Miss Sophia Fuller wrote this article for The Volunteer Review. This is her second article giving us a look into a woman’s mind on important issues. This will most likely be her last article for us in a guest capacity as I try to convince her to write full time. We thank her again and want to make sure she gets the proper credit for her work.

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