Feminism and Muslim Women

Can you really call yourself a Feminist if you support the Muslim faith and its customs?

Women’s rights is a huge movement today. The right for women to be treated as equals no matter what their faith, nationality, or sexual orientation speaks to many people. Often times, we see Muslim women as the face of these movements. However, when we look at the Quran, the religious book that the Muslim faith is entirely built upon, we see that more often than not there is a certain disregard for the soul of the woman. It is as if women are only good to be used as an object to satisfy men.  If you call yourself a feminist, can you still support this faith and ideology? Let’s look at some of the major issues the in which the Quran disagrees with feminism.

“The share of the male shall be twice that of a female…”(Quran 4:11)

This verse makes it seem that to be a woman is to be inherently less than a man  It is hard to see any way for Islam to coexist with the feminist movement because of its straightforward disregard for women’s equality.

“Forbidden to you are wedded wives of other people, except those who have fallen into your hands [as prisoners of war].” (Quran 4:24)

I am no religious scholar, but is the Quran really saying that you can have any woman you want just because of war?  It seems that way to me. To say that a woman can be taken advantage of sexually simply because she is a women directly goes against what feminism is all about. Women possess the right to choose their partners just as men do. 

Hitting women is okay?

When reading 4:34 in the Quran, I saw another startling message. It said that if your wife is disobedient you may put her in her place by hitting her and ignoring her.  A man is viewed as strong if he disciplines his wife, and if not he is weak. Obviously I harbor serious concerns about this message.

Why Feminist fight for the right to wear a hijab, and not for the right for these women to be free.

Looking at these few excerpts from the Quran, it is clear to me that the Muslim faith is not in accordance with the values that feminist say they fight for.  In this faith, women are less than men. Woman are subject to rape for the sake of war and man, and domestic violence against women is revered. Is it okay to live a life as the Quran says out of faith? To me, it is always unacceptable to treat any person with the disregard that these verses suggest.  I am a Christian. I am aware that there are all sorts of awful things in the Bible. But, I do not believe any compare to the level of physical, sexual, and mental abuse mentioned in the Quran.  It is simply untrue to call yourself both a feminist and a supporter of the Muslim faith.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly happy with other faiths being celebrated. However, there is never an excuse to treat another human beings as if they do not matter because of any factor.

These women are being targeted for the sole fact that they are women. This sounds like something feminists should be fighting over.

I could have it all wrong. I am not an Islamic expert, but I can certainly read. These verses appear fairly straightforward. Because the Muslim religion is so heavily based on the Quran, it is hard to overlook the flawed ideology present in the scripture. Despite religion, women should be treated with the same respect that men expect.


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