GOP Health Care Delimma

Repeal and Replace:

President Trump’s Health Care Reform legislation is not gaining momentum with Republicans. As it comes time to vote, Trump spoke with Republican members of the House. The President warned them that failure to pass this legislation could cause issues in the 2018 midterm elections. Furthermore, it could potentially lose GOP majority in the House of Representatives. These are both major issues for the GOP.

There is uncertainty whether the legislation will receive the required 216 votes, despite republicans filling 237 of the House seats.  

Republicans on the Fence:

The majority of those House members having trouble voting ‘yes’ are concerned by the legislation’s the lack of screening required to obtain tax funded aid. Undecided members have suggested they will vote against the legislation unless it can be insured illegal residents of the country do not receive benefits from the taxpayer dollars.

The greater headache for the legislation are members of the Freedom Caucus currently holding House seats, hurting its ability to be passed. This party totals 40 members of the House.  There’s no hope for the legislation if it loses twenty-two Republican votes.  The reality is the legislation must becomes more of an overturn. As it stands, looks like a  reformed version of the Affordable Care Act. Fence-sitting House members will not vote “yes” until overcoming this obstacle.

Other members of the House agree that there are discrepancies or loopholes in the legislation that need to be elaborated on or corrected before the legislation can reach a consensus by the GOP as a whole.  As a result, House Speaker Paul Ryan has postponed the vote in hopes of salvaging the Health Care Reform.  

Failure to pass this legislation may result in major consequences for the GOP, including loss of majority.  Therefore, the success is critical to the progress and future of Trump’s administration.

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