International Women’s Day- “#BeBoldForChange”

Believe it or not, today marks the 108th Women’s Day celebrated in the U.S. “The Socialist of America” party founded the day in 1909. Women’s Day was founded in response to early 20th century labor movements and rights of the female worker.  Throughout history, Women’s Day has been used as a platform to protest many societal issues, which include war and violence towards women and children.  March 1975 (International Women’s Year) was the inaugural year of “International Women’s Day” set forth by the UN. This year is said to be one over the most notable celebrations of International Women’s Day.

This years theme for International Women’s Day is “#BeBoldForChange.” It is all about being “loud and proud” about who you are and who you want to be.  This year women all over the country and all over the world will protest, and in some cases riot, for change.

Let’s take a look at the hot topics of International Women’s day in the U.S.  The biggest topics of protest in the U.S. seem to be: sexual violence, the rights of black women, maternity leave, equal pay for women, and oddly enough Trump’s presidency.  In fact, Trump’s presidency is one of the most protested topics in today’s marches and protests.

Reality Check

When compared globally, American women enjoy maybe the most fortunate and equal treatment in the world.  Women in many middle eastern countries are prohibited from protesting for International Women’s Day. Yet, in a country where we are so free to speak our minds, many choose to protest the president who represents our democracy.  If today really is about the rights of women globally, we should be protesting and advocating for women who truly have no right to speak up for themselves.  

The Real Goal

As a woman, I feel we have it all wrong right now.  In order to make change, we must focus and prioritize the issues women face globally. Women of course do so much. After all, they raise our children that will run the world 30 years from now.  Many women are left without a voice and without any type of support.  These women deserve to be our priority. To name one example of injustice to women, according to the “Women’s STATS Project”, the majority of middle eastern countries sit at a 10 on a 1-10 scale based on rape prevalence. The U.S. sits at just a 3. There are women who are experiencing extreme injustices in our world. Maybe for their sake, we can focus on our sisters who can not help themselves and put our lower priority issues to the side.

It is imperative that we remember those who need our help the most. The women who face extreme violence everyday need our help. The women who are enslaved, and the women who have no voice require our assistance. As American women, we possess the luxury to speak out. If we can stay focused on the most crucial issues, change can and will happen.

Be honest, be strong, and fight for those who need it the most.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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