Joy Villa Addresses March 4 Trump

Today, in cities all over the country, Americans are marching to support our President in the name of patriotism.  Joy Villa was chosen as D.C.’s “March 4 Trump” keynote speaker.  Joy became an overnight sensation when she appeared at the 2017 Grammy awards wearing her “Make America Great Again” dress.  She says she wishes to use her platform to display “love and unity” and that she is “tired of the bullying” by many left wing voters.  Joy is standing up for Trump and his supporters because she knows that the choice she and many others made to vote for our president is being scrutinized and ridiculed. Joy Villa became an inspiration to many because of her outspokenness. 

Before the march on Washington, Joy Villa began her speech with Andre Soriano, the man who designed her famous dress.  Andre is a Filipino immigrant who is now a legal citizen of the U.S. Andre identifies as a gay man and a proud Trump supporter as well.  Joy also has a multi-cultural background that includes African, Italian, and Choctaw Indian.  She points out that Trump supporters are of all races, sexual orientations, religions, and backgrounds. Villa wants everyone to know that Trump’s America is for everyone, telling marchers to “educate the hate.”

The Message

Joy Villa is ready for a more “together” America. She wishes to “change the narrative” and help heal the great divide America is experiencing. Joy stated:

“We want to inspire love and tolerance…we will win this war with love.”

This singer-songwriter is just what America needs right now. She is altering the “Trump supporter” stereotype and showing both sides that “love it or hate it he is our President.”  We are better and stronger together.

“Divided we fall.” – Joy Villa


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