No, Milo Yiannopoulos is NOT a pedophilia advocate

A Fall From Glory

Leftists are celebrating the apparent downfall of right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

In the past week, Milo has seen publisher Simon and Schuster cancel his book Dangerous, CPAC cancel his public speaking appearance at their convention, and his resignation from Breitbart News. Comments he made in a 2016 interview regarding pedophilia largely contributed to his “collapse.”

A new, damning, video is rapidly circulating around the internet. In this video, Milo is displayed as an advocate for an age of consent at 13. He is seen joking about a pedophillic encounter of his own with a Catholic priest when he was 13. Judging on this alone, it’s easy to see why left-wing media is portraying him in such a light, but there is one key thing the video leaves out.


In the infamous (largely edited) video, Milo states the current age of consent is “about right.” He makes no suggestion of changing it to a lower age. In Tuesday’s press conference, he even mentions that the age of consent in Germany, at 14 years old, is too young. His mention of the number 13 was in reference to himself. He was discussing a sexual relationship with a priest, which he referred to jokingly in the interview.

A common criticism of Milo is his inflammatory rhetoric and shocking humor. Victims of abuse cope in ways they are most comfortable with. Milo’s method of coping involves joking in a provocative way. Milo has made it clear he doesn’t want his life ruined by his history with abuse.

It is also important to note Milo’s own journalistic work of exposing pedophiles. He mentioned during his press conference’s opening statement ousting three child abusers. Milo also remarks that he was the first journalist in the UK to question whether Jimmy Savile’s record of child abuse would be brought to light.

Milo is a victim of pedophilia. He has devoted a large amount of time to exposing child abuse in journalism. It doesn’t make sense for him to be a pedophile.

Concerning The Story’s Surfacing

What should be more concerning is how long mainstream media outlets have been sitting on this story. Milo has been in the public spotlight for years. The interview where he made these comments has been sitting on websites such as YouTube for over a year. It is unfortunate that the objective of the mainstream leftist media was not to expose a child abuser, but rather, its objective was an attempt to create a public uproar and try to ultimately censor Milo by knowingly using a deceptive, out of context video as it’s trump card. This story was likely fabricated and ready to be pushed out long before he was at the top of his game.

Long-Term Effects

Of course, Milo is no stranger to censorship. Over the course of a year, he has seen his twitter account, which had in hundreds of thousands of followers, suspended, as well has his YouTube account losing livestream privileges. In addition, he has seen his talks on his nationwide campus tour censored. Sometimes radical left-wing protesters cause cancellations. Sometimes administrators impose absurd, last-minute, security fees.

All of that failed. This will too.



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