What About Trump’s Presidency Worries Students?

College Students React:

In the light of Trump’s election and subsequent inauguration, college students across the country are reacting in a number of ways. Some are protesting, some rioting (Berkeley, anyone?), while others are even celebrating. He lost the millennial vote to Hillary Clinton 37% to 55%, nearly a 20% difference. But what is it about Donald Trump that elicits such a reaction? Why are college students so virulently against his policies? Or are they simply against the man himself?

According to students who didn’t vote for Trump, there is more than one reason to be nervous.

The Biggest Fears:

  1. Foreign Policy- Trump casts an undoubtedly divisive shadow not only on the Untied States, but also on the rest of the world. Of course, his threats to destroy “Radical Islamic Terror” don’t do much to increase America’s favorability ratings with Jihadist Groups. One concerned student stated: “I’m sure they will see him as a threat. I could even see some kind of war breaking out, a 9/11 repeat, even.” The looming threat of terror attacks against the United States is certainly subject to increase, assuming Trump’s rhetoric achieves its purpose.
  2. Environmental Stability- Trump’s disregard for the EPA and environmental policy in general has also created a certain degree of worry amongst students. Some argue “it’s imperative we take care of the world around us and that becomes difficult to do in full scale when whoever is in power is distracted with other issues.” Trump has stated he believes global climate change is a myth perpetrated by the Chinese, furthering the divide between his platform and those who support increased environmental regulations.
  3. Border Security and Control- There’s no doubting Trump’s strong feelings towards border security, assuming he is willing to enforce his campaign sentiments. The idea of a border wall and mass deportations didn’t resonate well with students. One argued it was inhumane to treat undocumented immigrants this way.

Summing Up:

Trump never promised to be a liberal humanitarian. He did not promise college students free school and healthcare. Trump spoke harshly, promising punishment to those some students deem innocent. He ignores the possibility of a rapidly declining ecosystem. Some fear his foreign policy may be so stringent as to cause a second 9/11. Are these fears realistic? Will Trump keep the promises he made during his campaign? Either way, Trump’s strong, “America First” attitude didn’t do much to help him appeal to the millennial generation.

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